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All the me's....

Hey y’all…I’m Sasha.

Let’s talk about perceptions…..and maybe misconceptions and then if we feel like it, we’ll toss in a little judgment.

Nothing like opening lines to get your attention, huh?

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Yep, I’m Sasha and this is exactly what I look like.


his was late last night, working in my office after my family had gone to bed, still in pajamas from the night before, leftover mascara hanging on and hair that was in my face so I pushed it back with a scarf.

I also look polished and as put together as possible many days. Those are the days I shower, put on my face, and add so many products to my hair that it’s forced to do what I want it to do.

There are many other days that I’m somewhere in between.

But they are all ‘Me’.

One is not better than the other, one is not more or less important, or smarter, or happier, or any of the other ‘things’ one can be.

Yet….the perceptions still prevail anytime someone sees us.

Rarely are we ‘seen’ as more than the physical person standing before someone, at least not at first.

In reality, the inside is definitely the same no matter what the outside looks like.

But if you only saw me like I am in this picture, you would perhaps think I didn’t wear much makeup, and didn’t fix my hair. And that I had really weird decorations….

And if you saw me every single day with my hair and makeup on, dressed in matching clothes that were trendy (or at least slightly matching), and always with lipstick on, you might think I am “always” put together with fabulous hair - ha!

The truth lies in the middle….as it often does.

Even though it ‘shouldn’t’ matter what’s on the outside, we know the truth is that is does to so many people. And they let you know it (how kind of them!).

So how do you get past that and remember that you are an amazing, fantastical, worthy, brilliant, beautiful, fabulous soul?

You have to tell it to yourself.

Every Single Day…without fail.

Pick your compliment, pick your phrase, and tell it to yourself every single day.

Look in the mirror, and say to that soul looking back at you: “You are fabulous”.

Sound like a plan? You can do let's do it and make ourself BELIEVE it!

Every. Single. Day.

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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