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An offering of hope...

Everyone has a crock pot sitting on the front porch when it's raining, right?

There is, of course, a story behind this.....

Last week, someone bought a TV I had on Fb marketplace that had been at Daddy's. We didn't have a remote, there was a scratch in the screen, it was sorta small, but it worked.

And $25 seemed like a good price to me.

The lady who bought it told me it was for her friend that was leaving an abusive relationship and starting over.

She had nothing.

I immediately started thinking about what I had that I could give her to get her started.

Four days prior I had taken 6 boxes to the thrift store to donate ~ boxes filled with things she could have surely used.

Several months ago, I was on a mission to clean out the garage and bonus room and remembered I had a tote up there with some kitchen things, so I hauled myself up those steep stairs and dug through a box of gently (some well) used things, nothing of real value or even need....decorative things, serving bowls for parties, and holiday paraphernalia.

But there was a crock pot. Now, you know everyone needs a crock pot. I must really need them because I have 6.

Yes. Six. Isn't that crazy!

So I hauled that crock pot down, and set it on the porch, thinking when she got here, I'd ask if she needed it.

Turns out someone else has a crock pot collection and already gave her friend one.

So now, it's sitting there, waiting for me to take it back up those steep steps and tuck it safely back in that tote, which will then have to be carried down those steep steps (totally by someone younger, stronger, and with better knees) so I can take it to the donation center.

As I look at the crock pot sitting on my rain soaked front porch, I realize it looks sad, and like an outcast.

But I know it's so much more.

It's a life line to a meal that will nourish a family in a time of need.

It's a helping hand stretched across the unknown.

It's an offering of hope.

I think we're all a little like that crock pot. On the outside, we look like an outcast, and I'm positive we've all felt sad.

But on the inside, we are a life line, a helping hand, and an offering of hope.

And we don't even realize it.

It's the little things y'all, and we will keep on going, keep on continuing, and keep on doing what we do.

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

*written by Sasha Gray fb/Scattered Sasha

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