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Anything. You. WANT.

People all around us are ready to fill us with shoulds and should nots and judge us for whatever we choose.

It's easy to take their words and let them coat our soul with doubt, confusion, and fear. But how do you ignore the words that fall so easily from others and wrap around our heads and seep into our skin?

We need a barrier, a bubble wrap for our heart so we won't take the words of others as truth about ourselves, but instead hear the whispers of those building us up each day, the ones that prop us up when we're leaning and those that take our hand to lead us when we fall behind.

Sometimes it's hard to tell who is who and what is what.

Listen to your soul.

You know who to believe.

Believe them when they say the good things and then take charge of you and what you do.

Whatever you want, girlfriend....whatever you want

with Glitter & Grace,


*written by Sasha Gray

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