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"Clothes won't change the world....

I found the cutest pair of red shoes with sparkly sparkles on them AND they were on sale.

It was pure karma that they reached out to me while I was searching for things I didn’t need.

Life is funny that way.

Tonight, I put those new red shoes on for the first time to wear on an errand, a silly fancy pair of red shoes with sparkly sparkles on them with much more casual pants and shirt.

Those red toes peeked out from under black pants and the sparkly sparkles grabbed the light and winked at every turn.

I smiled as I placed them back in the box when I returned home, a die hard shoe box keeper and putter-upper of shoes since I was a kid and had to stack shoe boxes in a closet made for one pair of shoes, four pairs of pants, and if you crammed them in tight, a couple of dresses.

As I picked up the lid to place it on top of the box, I caught sight of big, bold words written inside.

That seemed a little unusual to me, the keeper of shoe boxes and, truth be told, shoes.

When I stopped and read the words, saw them written in big bold letters, and felt them in my soul, I knew why, right then and there, that I bought those red shoes with sparkly sparkles, even though I have nothing else red in my closet, and I surely didn’t need any shoes, even red ones with sparkly sparkles on them.

“Clothes won’t change the world. The women who wear them will.” ~

Turns out my red shoes with sparkly sparkles were designed by

Anne Klein, admittedly my first pair of Anne Klein shoes and had they not been deeply discounted, I still wouldn’t own any.

Clothes won’t change the world….the women who wear them will.

…the women who wear them will….

Let those words sink into your bones and then when they are wrapped around your soul, and have seeped into your skin, and have worked their way to your brain so they roll around inside all of you, realize that YOU wear the clothes.




wears the clothes and if Anne Klein believes we will change the world, then who am I to argue?

We can start by realizing a few truths:

We are powerful

We are warriors

We are brilliant

We are kind

We are generous

We are giving

We are strength

We are love

We are peace

We are wound with the ribbons of every woman on this earth that wants to rise to be the woman in her heart and soul.

We can change the world.

Let’s start now.

with Glitter & Grace,


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