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It's funny when you stop to think about the things we collect.

I collected unicorns when I was a young girl, their magical powers weaving dreams of fantasy through my head. And then I was sure, as an adult, I no longer needed those foolish bobbles, and tossed them like childhood flights of fancy, lightening my road to maturity.

A funny thing happened on the way to 50+ trips around the sun....I realized glittery, shiny, fabulous pieces of this world make me happy. So I began to surround myself with all the sparkles, and I found a little joy in each one every time I saw them.

I have to wonder if the ceramic ladies my mama collected made her think of a sophisticated lady, wrapped in pearls and topped with hats, ready to handle whatever came her way with class and spunk.

She fit that description as well, and the five ceramic ladies I've found so far have all been just as polished and poised as I remember her from my childhood....walking in heels and fur, gloves at the ready, steely reserve and determination in her eyes as she showed the world what she was really made of....

Class and Spunk.

with Glitter & Grace,


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