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Conversation for one, please

If you added up all the hours of conversation you have over your entire life, and included everyone you’ve ever spoken to….do you know who the person is that you’ve talked to the most?


Yep….we spend more time talking to ourselves than anyone else. Of course some of those conversations are never heard outside our brain, but they still happen.

So, what are we saying to ourselves, in all these hours and hours of convo over a lifetime? Is it praise, and encouragement? Is it pep talks and attagirl chants?

Maybe for a few of those hours, but for the most part? It’s filled with doubt, disappointment, shame, and guilt.

And that’s just on the Thursdays. We can fill an entire week, heck a year….oh WAIT. A LIFETIME of conversations with ourselves with “Self-Talk” that does nothing for our soul.

Do you know how you learn to tie your shoes?

You’re told over and over and over and over and over by someone you know and trust. They keep telling you and showing you and then telling you again, and eventually, it becomes what’s called, “Implicit memory” or unconscious memory.

You are finally able to tie your shoes without even thinking about it because you’ve learned from the repetitiveness of the words and the actions.

Holy Guacamole, y’all!

Think about that…when we spend a lifetime filling our souls with self talk that is NOT our reality, then we’re gonna believe it after …how many years? 2? 5? Maybe it’s months….8? 15?

How long will it take us to believe the negative self talk we keep spewing before we have no doubts about it and no longer even consider the truth….

The truth is that we are so flipping amazing the world could only handle ONE of us.


We HAVE to stop the junk going into our heads and souls from our own self. Shouldn’t we be our best friend? Shouldn’t we fill our soul with love, acceptance, and understanding rather than judgement, guilt, and disappointment?

Yes….yes we should.

Tell yourself these things:

I am beautiful

I am amazing

I am worthy of all that I have

I am a good person

I am here for a reason

I am a glowing goddess and have the power to control myself

Heeeyyyy, that last one rocks!

And just in case YOU can’t say those things to yourself YET…YET...let me say them for you….

You are beautiful

You are amazing

You are worthy of all that you have

You are a good person

You are here for a reason

You are a glowing goddess and have the power to control yourself

Ok, your turn!

Glitter & Grace,


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