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Duct tape days

My friend....

Some days are most definitely stitched together with duct tape instead of pixie dust. They are barely held together with ragged edges and adhesive stretched so thin it reminds you of old tattered souls hanging on to the heavens.

If we could make every single day glorious and full of magic, well that would be just ducky.

But reality comes along, tiptoes around our heart and then slams into our head destroying illusions and giving us chaos and confusion.

It's those days that we need to walk slowly through so they don't grab all our energy, ricocheting the emotions all over our wild souls, keeping us pent up yet feeling abandoned and unfiltered.....

Let the hope of tomorrow and the promise of your strength awaken your soul enough to get you through the duct tape days. Remember that the broken pieces of yesterday get tossed in the mix for today, rumbling around with the paths we've traveled, the stepping stones we've stumbled over and the troubles we've faced, and together with the pixie dust days, it all creates who we are.

Strong Brave Wise


with Glitter and Grace, Sasha

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