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Every Single Sparkly Moment...

Most days, life just happens.

There’s no magic, no sparks flying (ok, maybe if I’m cooking…), no delicious moments waiting to be instagrammed or facebooked.

Most days, life is just here, and we’re doing what we have to do, what we should do, what we need to do.

It’s kinda how life is….rolling along like it has good sense, not waiting for the ‘right time’ or some random act of whatever to happen. And it’s in that daily life that I want to find the magic and the sparks (not the kind that happen when I cook, though…), and the delicious moments.

I really do believe we can find them. Maybe that’s me looking through my rose-colored glasses, or quieting my brain when it’s too busy to even breathe up in here, but I want to make the magic, create the sparks (again…not with fire on my stove - ha!), and feel the delicious moments of every day life.

Because if we wait for the perfect time, if we wait until life taps us on the shoulder and says, “Here….here it is…the magic is all wrapped up for you, tied with a pretty bow”, then I believe we’ll miss the daily magic that happens.

And then what happens if we waited until it was too late to look for the good stuff in the every day….if we wait so long that it’s not even possible to see the delicious moments because we’ve spent so much time searching for them in the future and wondering what they looked like, that we didn’t realize they were right there all along.

That’s my fear….I don’t want to miss one single magic, delicious, sparkly moment in my daily life that’s slapped together with pixie dust and tequila. I know they’re in there, all mixed up in the drama, chaos, and caffeine that’s tossed around every day.

So, I’m gonna look a little harder for them every chance I get…

You in?

With Glitter & Grace,


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