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Fill 'er up!

We continually put ourselves at the bottom on the list, pushed down when other, more important things come up. We choose to let everyone else go first because we are caring, giving, empathetic humans that nurture the souls of others, but forget we have to fill ourselves up first.

We allow negativity to enter our world, unaware that words can tear us down as quickly as a touch, but are unwilling to put the positive words needed in our minds every day, for fear of seeming selfish, or vain.

Y'all....we HAVE to fill our souls up first. That's the ONLY way we can continue to function....for ourselves, for the ones we care for and for our future.

Think of something good today....something that makes you smile. Take a moment and listen to your soul, reaching for what it needs to flourish and thrive, and take that moment to fill your soul with the goodness it needs.

What's your moment look like?

Is it something you can reach for? Something you can capture and hold on to while you reignite your soul and begin to care for YOU for a change....

Tell me.....what's your moment look like...

Glitter & Grace,


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