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George got glitterfied

I really like glitter.

Yes, I’ve heard all the horror stories, had a few myself, and have seen the memes declaring glitter the worst thing ever invented in the craft world.

But y’all….it’s so pretty and shiny and sparkly!

And I love it. Give me something glitterfied, and it makes me happy.

Today, as I whipped through the drive thru to get us lunch, I scrounged around to find the correct change and managed to find 32¢. It was rare I had cash, but I had a $10 bill stuck in my wallet and handed that and the precious change to the cashier.

She handed me back a crumpled up dollar bill, rather worn looking and a little battered.

I tossed it in the seat on top of my wallet and drove to the next window, ready to get our food and head home without eating all the fries before I got there.

When I got home, I was picking all the pieces up to take inside and grabbed the lone dollar sitting on my wallet and immediately got a glimmer of sparkle and shine.

I didn’t have on any bling, or jewelry, or anything with glitter (it was an off day…..), so I couldn’t imagine what the sparkle was.

And then I saw it.

Y’all….someone glitterfied my dollar bill.

Yes, it was MY dollar bill.

I fully believe someone somewhere put glitter on ol’ George and it began the journey through the universe headed in my direction until it landed in my hands.

Karma floated over the McDonald’s and flipped through those dollar bills in that cash drawer until it was my turn to get change, and at that moment, I had a $10 bill, and our food was $9.32….and I also had 32¢.

Now, you might not think karma is hanging out at our local McDonald’s, or that George being glitterfied was destined to wind up in my hands, but I’m going with it.

Because it makes me happy

And I'm gonna keep searching for the happy anywhere I can find it!

with Glitter & Grace,


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