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Good vibes headed your way

I’m sending you good vibes today.

I don’t know if you need them today, or you needed them yesterday, or if you don’t need them at all right now.

Maybe you’ll tuck them in your pocket and save them, knowing they’re safely stored away, ready to fill your spirit whenever they are needed.

Maybe you’re empty and those good vibes will give you the strength you need to carry on, when you just weren’t sure you would make it. Know that you will.

Maybe you’re ready for the next big thing in your life, but damn it’s scary to take that step some days, so those good vibes will take your hand, and lead you to the right path. That’ll be the one you knew was there all along.

Maybe you’ve been torn down so many times, by others and yourself, that you’re sure you’re stuck there on the ground, with no way up or out. Then these good vibes are headed straight for your heart, wrapping it in love and beauty, reminding you to look in the mirror and see the power looking back at you.

I’m sending them.

To every single one of you.

They’re already out in the universe, on the way.

Hold them tight, but let them do their thing….let them get in your head so you can see the ninja princess warrior you really are, ready to stake your claim of joy and happiness, strength and love….

Glitter & Grace,


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