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Hints from History

I had a scrapbook as a teenager….I carefully cut out newspaper clippings, attached photos, kept ticket stubs and made my own ‘scrapbook paper’ with crayons and markers.

The yellowed paper edges curled with time, the photos faded, and ticket stubs got lost when old glue dried up and tossed them to the wind.

That old scrapbook is history now, the pages long gone and the special occasions just a memory. But I found another scrapbook recently, one filled with household hints, tips, and ideas about living life in the last century.

There’s something about opening a book filled with someone else’s history, a nod to the past of what was talked about, the desire to learn more and see what was important to them.

Yet now….NOW I can simply speak my question in the air about anything and get an answer from a device hooked up to the world wide web…no need for glue, tape, or pages that might tear too easily. And I don’t need to worry about forgetting because all I have to do is ask again….and if the answer has changed, I’ll get the latest answer.

It’s fabulous to have that kind of technology at our fingertips, but there’s something pretty fabulous about opening an aged scrapbook and finding your mama’s old clippings, taped to yellowed pages in a book that is falling apart and remembering those tips and tricks of a bygone era.

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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