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How are YOU?


How are you?

I mean, how are you *really*?

We all say, “fine” when in truth the world is exploding around us and the emotions are slapping our soul every single day.

So I mean it when I say….”how are you?” How are you doing in all this chaos that wraps around our life and confuses us with each moment that changes from the last.

I’m fine.

Wait….no. That’s not the right answer.

I’m just as confused and scared as you are, but I’m holding it together.

Is that a badge of honor, the holding it together part? Are we afraid to show any sign of weakness that others might judge us for, so we do the ‘fine’ and ‘good’ answers, and keep breaking on the inside?

I am holding it together, and am holding on to most of the minutes in my day. But there are times when the seams fail, and anxiety, stress, and emotions roll out of me like the waterfalls of life.

That’s ok, too. I keep reminding myself that it’s perfectly natural (and ok, and FINE) to burst out of the seams on occasion.

So…how are you? How are you doing?

I want you to know this….I’m standing over here, along with a whole lot of other Glitter Dome Goddesses, standing up for you, cheering for you, and holding your hand along the way.

Here’s to us….

with Glitter & Grace,


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