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How do you hear...

I see you over there...thinking about how others will see you. Wondering if they are judging you silently for whatever choice YOU'VE made.

I have a secret to tell you....they are judging you.

Maybe they don't even realize it, but we all judge others every day. Some judge harshly, and feel free to share their thoughts with us and yet, others judge with compassion and love.

We can't stop those people from judging us for our choices, but we can choose how we *HEAR* them.

We can hear them loudly, and let their words be the ones that scream at us.

We can hear them first, and let their words be the ones that come to mind daily.

We can hear them often, and let their words be the ones that guide us.


Or we can hear them quietly, in the back of our minds, and let their words fade away as we replace them with our own....

So our *OWN* words are the ones that whisper in our souls, are the first things we hear, and that guide us on our journey.

It's all in HOW you hear them....

Glitter & Grace,


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