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I am Fabulous...

I am Fabulous.

Say it with me.

I. AM. Fabulous.

Now...I’m gonna take a guess and say IF you said it, you didn’t say it out loud. You probably said it to yourself, silently so no one would hear.

See, we’ve somehow come to the conclusion that saying good things about ourselves so others can hear them mean we are vain, full of ourselves, and never thinking of others.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

There’s no one else standing around clapping for us as we walk by (ok, maybe the occasional clapping as we walk by, but you gotta admit, it’s sorta rare…), or patting us on the back for a job well done (and that JOB is often everyday life that tosses curve balls the size of watermelons, and sends us on roads full of potholes and detours).

Nope….we continue on our journey every day, dodging those curve balls, finding a new road and doing our thing.

The thought of getting that pat on the back, those accolades, that attagirl, is not really important with everything we have going on (and on and on and on and on…).

But here’s the thing…..if WE don’t believe we’re fabulous, HOW ON EARTH WILL ANYONE ELSE?

And if we don’t say it, tell it, believe it, and SHOUT it from the highest mountain (and from anywhere else we need to shout it from), NO ONE will know we believe in ourselves, NO ONE will know we are amazing, fabulous, courageous, quirky, entertaining, brilliant, caring, nourishing, radiant, benevolent, celestial, valiant souls that have stories to tell, and life to teach.

So….let’s do this again….

Say it WITH me.

Out Loud.


FULL of grace, glitter and goodness….




with Glitter & Grace,


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