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I love....

Look in the mirror.

Now...instead of *immediately* finding all the flaws staring back at you, find something that's pretty awesome.

Your eyes?

Your hair?

That cute little button nose?

Your smile?

And whatever it is....whatever piece of you looks back at you, praise that!

Say it to yourself, say it out loud, say it as often as you can!

"Hey, Sasha!! I LOVE your eye lashes!!"

Now...if you're saying, "Sasha, that sure seems vain to me!"....I must say this:

It's not.

It's loving yourself and all the pieces of the puzzle that make you who you are.

See, here's the thing ~ we are torn down so often by people that don't even bother to really know us...yet they feel perfectly fine saying negative things about our physical appearance.

And we HAVE to build up the resistance ... we have to put a protective layer of bubble wrap around our memories and our thoughts so those negative words just bounce off and go hide in some deep, dark corner somewhere else.

So, look at the mirror, in the glass doors of the frozen food section, in the reflection of your car windows....and admire what you see.

Because that's love, baby!

Ok, tell me what you love about yourself!!

Glitter & Grace,


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