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I saw you today

Hey, I saw you today.

You were wondering if anyone noticed that you weren’t quite all together.

The day had been a train wreck and you were doing the best you could, but still…..

It was hard.

I did notice….

I saw you braving a smile when you really wanted to cry.

I saw you close to a break down when someone said things that weren’t kind, but you held it together and kept going.

I saw you question yourself when you stopped to think about what to do next, and then I witnessed you make a decision and own it like the warrior you are.

I saw you stand your ground when someone was wrong, pulling the courage from your soul and taking deep breaths along the way.

I saw you long for a quiet moment to rest your weary bones while tap dancing around chaos.

I saw you misunderstand a compliment, and then watched your face as you processed the kindness of a stranger.

I saw you live today. I saw you hope for tomorrow. I saw your fierce determination to live your best life every single day.

I saw you being real.

I saw you being strong.

I saw you being fabulous.

It is hard.

But you are still doing it.

We are all doing it.

Glitter & Grace,


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