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Just Imagine...

Imagine if we obsessed over the things we loved about ourselves instead of the things we hated....

Oh what powerful words!

The very first thing we do when we see a pic of ourselves is talk about all the things we hate, and there are so flippin many. I mean we find fault in the COLOR OF OUR EYES - for the love!

Like we had anything to do with that - ha!

Let's change that and obsess over the things we know they're there!

So, drop a selfie in the comments below and tell us what you love! And when you see those pics, tell her what you love, too! ALL the good, y'all....ALL the good!

Ok, I'll go first.

I love my hair and am thrilled that I live in a place and time where it's awesome to have purple hair mixed with my gray and black!

Glitter & Grace,


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