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Just this side of perfect

I don't often think we're 'obligated' to do much of anything, other than pay taxes and obey the current laws (and if you don't want to do that, then certainly work to change it).

What I do feel strongly about is being the best person I can be, for me and for the people in my circle.

So, with that thought, I feel obligated to offer strength to those that struggle with the opinions of others, and to those that feel less than whole because they believe the negative words of someone else.

If I can post a picture, write a post, share a video or speak to a group and show that it's ok for this old(er) woman to be who I am, without regards for what others think, and that picture, post, video or stage helps someone recognize themselves as more worthy, stronger than before, and able to deal with whatever life tosses at them, then I feel obligated to do just that.

The struggles I see daily remind me that being a confident woman is not a given and many never find that peace and strength within their soul.

And, if I could gift every person in this universe with just one thing, it would always be self-confidence.

Not love, not money, not health.

Nope - it would definitely be self confidence because that changes the way you think about yourself. And when you believe in yourself, you are able to tackle #allthethings life tosses your way every single day.

So, when you see me, or someone like me, on your page, in your newsfeed, in the newspaper, a magazine, or on TV, I hope the day will come that we don't immediately start judging the skin we're in without seeing what's inside first.

Yes, I will show my less than perfect self to the world. My flabby arms, multiple chins, wrinkles and weird skin, all on display.

If that makes one person feel better about themselves, it's worth it to me.

Glitter & Grace,


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