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Karma is always paying attention

I’m a pretty big believer in karma, the universe, fate, faith, or whatever it is you want to call that divine thing that happens without any real explanation.

“There are no coincidences.” according to Leroy Jethro Gibbs (any NCIS fan will know of which I speak…. )

And I try hard to pay attention to the karma and the universe, looking for those good signs, and following them when I can.

“Whatever leads you….let it lead you well.”

(That was a Sasha-ism…Gibbs ain’t the only one with good words - ha!)

I found a quote and put it at the top of my notes for the Morning show. Now, usually, I jot thoughts down on my Morning show notes, then erase them each day after the show, a fresh clean slate for the next day (technology means I create these note sheets on my laptop and nary an eraser or pencil is needed….some days I love technology…).

But this quote I’ve left up for weeks, because I liked the thought, the idea, the very meaning behind the words.

“I believe in the good things coming”

I haven’t found the author of this exact quote, so I won’t attribute it to anyone, but there are several variations and similar ones out there.

“I believe in the good things coming”…..

I do believe. I believe there is good in most things, but it’s hidden deeper sometimes.

Apparently I wasn’t listening as closely as I needed to, and karma, the universe, or whatever was leading me was getting a little impatient that I hadn’t done….something.

This morning, I opened a package of temporary tattoos (thanks to

) I had ordered a week or so ago. I ordered one for a friend, and one for myself, because I love tattoos, words, and the idea that laying those words on your skin allows them to sink into your soul.

And since I have about a million words I’d like to let sink into my soul, these temporary ones make a little more sense…and until I decide for sure what I want permanently inked on my skin, I’ll keep on using these.

As I opened the envelope, I found the ones I had ordered, but there was another set.

This one was a gift, a supposedly randomly picked tattoo packet tossed into a long-time customers order, a thank you for your business kinda thing.

I do love a freebie….

As I turned the packet over to see what they had sent me, karma slapped me upside the head and said, “HEY…..ARE YOU LISTENING?”

I am now, Karma….I am now.

The temporary tattoo that slid into my order, surely by a divine hand, was…“Something good is about to happen….”

Ok, tell me again Karma….just in case I wasn’t listening the first time.

Karma just stood there, with her hands on her hips, and her eyebrows raised… I opened the packet of temporary tattoos, and two slips fell out, both with the words, “Something good is about to happen”….

It’s on my arm, and it’s best visible to me as I glance down throughout the day. It’s not turned for others to see, it’s not placed so it’s easily read any other way than for me.

Because that’s who needs to see it, to feel it, to know it in my soul.

Something good is about to happen…..

Do you feel it?

Are you open to it accepting it when it shows up?

I am promising myself I will be.

Because I want all the good that is about to happen.

What about you? I want you to feel all the good that is about to happen, too. I want you to experience the joy that's out there, the elation at life, the giggles, and laughter, and pure happiness that I know is inside us all.

Yes, sometimes it IS hidden deeper than we've already dug. But I so believe it's in there, so start digging.

Are you ready?

Glitter & Grace,


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