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Let's do a little celebrating...

Some days it takes great effort just to get out of bed.

And on those days, you are doing all you can do to exist.

Not thrive.

Not excel.

Not proceed.


And on those days, when the edges of your soul are held together with duct tape instead of pixie dust…..

....when you’re just hoping to find the dusky sky so you can rest again….

…when you’re focusing on one foot in front of the other and too scared to take your eyes off the path….

…when you’re overwhelmed just by breathing because that seems totally out of control…

…those are the days I want to share.

The celebrations, and the good times are invitations we all quickly accept, but those dark days are the ones we really need other souls to show up for and just listen.

Listen to us vent, cry, and rationalize whatever is crazy in our world….and not bring any judgment to the table.

We bring enough of that down on ourselves.

Maybe we have to invite those people into our lives to just listen, and we have to be gut wrenchingly honest about what we need….but we don’t because we’re afraid of appearing weak and unable to ‘handle life’.

That, my friend, is total nonsense.

Asking for help, needing to talk to someone about what’s going on in your world, your heart, your head, and your soul is not a sign of weakness.

It’s a sign of strength …. It’s a sign of self preservation that we should all possess.

Because before you can thrive, excel, proceed, and succeed, you first have to get through the days where you simply exist.

Invite someone in to listen….

Glitter & Grace,


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