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Let's keep hope alive....

As we drove across the bridge, I could see the mist rising just under the concrete railings, hovering above the lake water like a coat protecting what hides underneath.

I turned around and went back to a road to nowhere, eager to wrap my soul in the haze and get lost for a few moments.

We captured our images, but in no way did we capture the essence of the fog protecting the cove, covering the ragged edges of the shore and hiding the shades of soon to be darkness.

I wanted to walk on water and into the mist, sure that I would be protected in that layer as well. I wanted to wrap myself up in mystery and quiet and come out when the world was righted again.

Since walking on water isn’t one of my talents, I stayed in the car and imagined that blanket of comfort soothing the fears of the weary, calming the anxious and healing the frail.

Sometimes hope is all we have.

Let’s keep it alive….

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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