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Let's show up

Hey friend…

Did you show up today?

That’s all that really matters…that you showed up for life today. It’s big and bold, and messy and chaotic, but showing up is what takes you to the next day.

And the way you show up?

Doesn’t make one single difference….

it doesn’t matter if you show up in a ponytail, bare faced and in sweats, or put together from the tip of your hair to the tips of your toes, or somewhere in the middle of all that.

It doesn’t matter if you show up from home, work, the grocery store, the car rider line, your bed, your car, the yard, or wherever you’re running to right now.

The only thing that matters is that you show up for life, take it by the horns, give it the ol’ wonder woman power pose, and be your sparkly badass self all over the place.

You’ve got this….we all do.

All you have to do is show up

With Glitter & Grace,


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