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Let's write a note...

I was back over at daddy’s today, sorting, moving, boxing, remembering.

It is Such a S L O W process as everything I touch floods me with memories and the feelings slam my soul against my heart until my breath is taken away.

I spied this little brown notebook and knew what it was before my fingers slid across the old dusty cover, flashbacks to a time of pencils and address labels not encumbered by electronics and technology.

Mama’s writing has always been tough to read but with time fading the letters in lead, they were even more difficult to make out.

I still recognized the names, long gone from this world but a part of my upbringing. Friends, relatives, and neighbors....

Mama would diligently keep her address book up to date with every letter or card she received, double checking each line to make sure nothing had changed.

She never did quite get the hang of email and computers, preferring the old fashioned way of pen and paper.

I think we’re missing that connection of being able to hold a letter in hand, feel the words written in a script or scribble and then tuck that folded note of life away to read again when our soul needed it.

I feel the need to write more letters....I will always love the instantness technology allows, but some things shouldn’t go away just because there’s a new way of doing them.

Now I need to find my good pen ...

with Glitter & Grace,


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