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The note said, "Mandatory Attendance".

So I gathered my things, drove home to get the kid, and headed back to school for a meeting about the AIG program Tater is in.

We walked in right at 5:30, with maybe seconds to spare, hustling a little because LAST year, we were late. And last year, the program had already started, a speaker on stage giving out details I'd never get, and us stumbling to find a seat in the dark auditorium.

Well, THIS year, things were a little different.

I was first in line for the 7th grade table. Other parents were sitting around waiting for them to set up, and karma flew over my head, sprinkling time dust over me so that as I walked up to the table to see WHICH table we were supposed to go to, Tater's teacher opened the folder, said her name and pulled out the sheet I had to sign.

Other parents were gathering behind us, and I saw her friends and parents I knew and spoke to them.

I was trying to pay attention to everyone and everything but y'all....I'm sorta tired and a little out of it, so I was signing and talking, and agreeing, and nodding, and bless that nice teachers heart, he said, "Ma''am...Sasha..."

Oh? Yes?

"You only have to sign one of the copies".....

Because y'all, I had somehow managed to get the FORM IN TRIPLICATE and started signing ALL 3 COPIES.

I wanted to MAKE SURE I had signed the things, I guess.

And the reason I didn't stop and talk to everyone as we were walking in, or stop and sit and wait like everyone else was, was simply because I COULDN'T SEE WHICH TABLE was 7th grade until I got right up to the table!

*Note to self: Buy extra large sharpie for signs at school and donate

And when I stopped signing, I asked the ever so nice teacher, when the meeting started and was it going to be in the auditorium?

He said some beautiful words right then....he said, "That's it, you only have to sign this year!"

Well hot dog, and hallelujah! I was D-O-N-E Done!

So we headed home approximately 6 minutes after we arrived (hey, had to say hello to a few people ... much to the embarrassment of a certain 12 year old!

I was getting busy thinking food and laundry and dishes and bedtimes, when I realized it was close to 6:30 and I'd better call the nurse before shift change if I wanted an update before 8:00 or later.

The nurse said she'd have the doctor call me (y'all....I am really thrilled they still call anytime I ask them to!), and I sorta forgot about it all as we pulled out leftovers to reheat and looked at (more!) papers to sign and homework to get done.

When the doctor called me around 7:00, she said all the labs hadn't come back yet, but he did have .... a Cold.

Ok, I laughed.

Like out loud, right then.

I think I surprised her a little bit, because that is sort of a little odd, if you think about it.

But a cold for Daddy, at 88 years old and in poor health, with an infection running rampant through his body, could be deadly.

She said they would continue treating the infections, giving breathing treatments, and keep him on oxygen until he had clear lungs, and wasn't coughing and wheezing. Then they would re-evaluate tomorrow and see how he was doing, and decide about discharge later.

In truth, y'all....I was glad to escape the beeps and smells of that hospital room, filled with unknown answers and sterile equipment, covered in Clorox and plastic gloves.

And a snoring man...lord, that man snores!

So escape for a "Mandatory Meeting" worked for me.


When my phone rang at 7:45 and it was Daddy's cell phone calling, I really thought things were getting strange.

This raspy voice was on the other end, asking me "what is going on?"


"Yeah, where are you?"

"Ummmm, home....."

"They won't let me go home and I need you to come up here and get me."

These words were garbled and weak, mumbled and low but I was very sure of what he wanted.

He wanted to come home and get the heck outta the hospital!

"Well, you can't go home right now because you're pretty sick and the doctors want you to stay for a few days. How are you feeling?"

I heard a big sigh and a pause, and then he said, "You need to come up here now and see what's going on. I don't know what's going on."

Now y'all....I had already changed clothes, put on pajama pants and a scrub top, hair up in a headband, and was getting ready to eat.

But, y'all know what happened.

I slipped on flip flops and headed for the car. Tater looked at me and said, "Are you wearing that?"

"Yep....sure am. I should fit right in!"

And after dark, the hospital wardrobe main concern was that they might think I was a patient.....

Hey....a room that's dark and quiet? Maybe I AM a patient....

Nah, those IV's and vital checks would get to me.

When I got to the room, he was sitting up, eating ice cream (first food in 24 hours) and wanting me to get his phone online.

I did that, got yahoo up so he could read some news, and checked in with the nurse.

I told him I'd be back in the morning and y'all....his parting words were:

"It sure will be a long, lonely night here. What time?"

Mercy! Guilt Much?

So, I'm just now back home (again) and am thinking about some cereal. I have an episode of NCIS to watch and then I'm headed to bed.

You probably guessed there won't be a Scattered Sasha Show tonight because all of me is so so tired, and those hospital chairs do NOTHING for my back. I'm taking my OWN pillow tomorrow.

If you've made it this far, thank you.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for sending all the good vibes, good thoughts, and good words.

Thank you for the love, and strength, and prayers you've sent.

Thank you for asking about Daddy and keeping him in your hearts.

Thank you for hanging out with me on this crazy, mixed up journey of life.

Thank you for reaching out, knowing what I needed, and offering it.

Thank you for being who you are, you glorious, fabulous humans!

Glitter & Grace,


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