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Nanner pudding on the way...

Daddy wanted banana pudding…’nanner pudding to be exact.

I can do that.

I cannot, however, make meringue.

Never have been able to and my mama was a champion meringue maker. She showed me how at least a dozen times, but her teaching skills and my learning skills just didn’t mesh and I never learned.

So my ‘nanner pudding was naked.

But it WAS full of layers of bananas and ‘cookies’ (yep, vanilla wafers are always cookies to daddy), and filled with a lot of vanilla pudding.

As I was making this concoction, Tater was sitting at the table, bowl and cereal in front of her, ready to fix her breakfast. She asked if I was making a banana pudding, and I told her indeed I was.

“For us or for Pa?”

Well, for all of us.

She seemed pretty happy about that part, and then asked me:

“Is it homemade?”

Now y’all…..I’m standing there slicing bananas, placing them over carefully laid cookies in my baking dish, layering them to be neat and even, and have the milk out to pour into the pudding mix and COOK IT (it wasn’t even instant!) so I could pour that over and into those luscious layers.

But I just said, “Yes, it’s homemade.”

To which she replied, “You’re making the pudding, too?”

Ahhh, yep…see me stirring and COOKING?

She wasn’t having it…..and told me it wasn’t homemade since I wasn’t MAKING the pudding from SCRATCH!

To which I replied that she didn’t have to eat any of my NOT homemade banana pudding.

She decided she COULD in fact eat it EVEN though it wasn’t totally homemade.

Now…I only have ONE chore….find out who in the flip she knows that MAKES the pudding or what show she’s seen that on, because I have NEVER in my life made pudding from scratch and didn’t even know you COULD until about 10 years ago.

Have mercy….

It’s homemade, y’all….I’m just telling ya!

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