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Thursday, 1-14-21

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Real Life

Some say I'm brave for posting this.

Some say I'm a fake for never posting things like this.

Some say holy guacamole, WHY would you share THAT with anyone?

Some say whatever they choose to say because people now feel perfectly fine dragging others down because of the way they look.

Guess what?

I "Look" this way because it's HOW I WAS BORN. The DNA I didn't get to choose meshed together to create THIS person.

And I'm ok with that.

Yep, I LOVE makeup and getting dressed up, and fixing my hair and everything matching (might be a little OCD there...) and looking my best whenever I WANT to.

But, this is also me. The me my family actually sees more of. The real morning, middle of the day, night time me.

Am I any LESS of what I do, own, am, or have because THIS picture shows me without makeup (shoulda taken that mascara off..ahem...), hair all askew, no lipstick (WHAT?? ), and out in scrubs and sweatpants that you can't even see.


I am STILL the same person inside when the outside is raw and untouched.

And so are you....

So, don't let anyone judge you by your DNA and what you brought into this world physically.

Last time I checked, you didn't have anything to do with that when you were born.

with Glitter & Grace,


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