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Nothing Runs on Empty

There seems to be this unspoken rule that says we have to be strong all the time and if we aren't, if we break down, pause, take a minute to gather ourselves, or take a breath to think through whatever it is we need to think through, then we must be weak and unworthy of all that we desire.

I'm calling that what it nonsense.

We must pause, gather our pieces and wait for the glue to dry because if we don't, we'll just have a droopy mess on our hands and not be able to get on with our very best life because our hands will be covered in liquid sorrow and our hearts will continue to be unhealed.

Of course you will go on.

Of course you will get it together.

Of course you will shine brighter, go farther, live better and love again.

But NOTHING runs on empty....

Glitter & Grace,


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