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Old Memories...

In the process of remodeling for a YEAR AND A HALF, we've moved and stored things all over the place.

Last night I was trying to sort through some the photos and decide what to put out, what to put away and how to make it all work in this new space. I came to these two collages that have been hanging on my walls for almost 40 years.

I love photos, and the stories they tell (and the ones they don't tell...). Mama loved photos, too and I have many albums filled with history without fully knowing all the details, so I get to create the story that I want to go with some of them.

I looked at these two large collages, of family and friends, and thought I might give them to my cousin, because they had been hanging around for so long....I thought I might no longer *need* them.

But then I looked a little closer....the familiar faces staring back at as a baby, Mama as a baby, Daddy in the grandmother beside her car.

They aren't going anywhere. They'll hang on my walls again, and I'll do a better job of saying who is who, and where they belong in our family tree so my teenager will remember. with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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