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One Day...

I see people write in notebooks and on notepads .... I love the process of writing on paper with my favorite pens.

I marvel at and covet the neatness and orderly notes ... color coded, legible, underlined in bold marks, and flowing on the page...drawing the writer in to the meaning of thoughts captured.

I think ... I’ll get a notebook without lines so I can be creative.

I buy colored pencils Just For Me and keep them handy, sure that will inspire my creativity and thoughts.

I keep a purple sharpie close by always (doesn’t everyone??) so I’m ready to underline, accentuate, and mark the importance of my words.

I visualize the words on the paper....cursive written with flair, some swirly loops on the end of some letters. I think how I'd go back and read the sentences again and again, inspired by the message.

BUT Y'ALL.....!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't even KNOW where my colored pencils are and that purple sharpie was used to mark some hole on a wall somewhere, and it's long gone....

And I did find a notebook without lines, but it has GRAPH lines, so have mercy, now I'm all confused and keep thinking I should be playing dots or something.

And...Y'all....I can't write worth a hoot for reading....I mean CAN YOU EVEN?

So...I'm gonna keep dreaming about others beautiful notebooks, and just KEEP ON TYPING OVER HERE! with Glitter, Grace, and Giggles,


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