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Perfection is a myth...

None of us are perfect, yet we sure slam ourselves for the lack of perfection every time we look in the mirror. Crazy, huh? Those 'crows feet' around my eyes show that it's been a life filled with laughter and if a friend was talking about how bad her wrinkles looked, I'd remind her that laughter brought them on, along with sunny days and Spring on her soul. That gray hair (and a little purple ) means I have made it to a certain age, one that allows me a little bit of bravery and the option of staying silent whenever I want. And hair that is a rainbow of colors means we have the freedom to be whoever we want to be... I could go on and on, thin hair, pale...the options are endless. Yep, far from perfection, but those imperfections are what we see....and quickly dismiss them when others see them in themselves. So today, let's rejoice in what we see, building up the spirit so imperfections won't matter as much. → Post your selfie, your favorite pic, heck whatever pic you want...and tell us what you see that's glorious....because there's SO much fabulous inside you! with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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