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Permission Granted

Permission granted…

There’s a whole lotta ‘just do it’ and ‘you’ve got this’ going on all over the place.

<< this is me, raising my hand, because I’ve said those very words. They aren’t bad words, but sometimes….sometimes, we need to just own it.

We need to own our sorrow, our fear, our confusion, our frustration, our anger, our exhaustion, and all the other things that weigh us down.

Yes, we CAN get through it.

Yes, we CAN keep on keeping on.

But sometimes, we need to own all the things that are slapping us in the face.

Because that’s the only way to get rid of them. We have to see them in front of us, so we CAN recognize what’s going on and then decide what to do about it.

Hiding the crap just means it’s hanging onto our coat tails, dragging along behind us, weighing us down, making us late every flipping day.

So bring that shizzle out into the open, face it with the determination to look it smack dab in the ugly eye and let it overwhelm you one last time. Let it rip and roar through your soul, until you have seen all that it can do and then you realize it no longer owns you.

I’ve been there, my friend. So many times.

You don’t fit in, so you just pretend it doesn’t matter. You are scared to death of what’s coming, but you push it down, plaster that smile on your face and keep acting like everything’s great. You heart is breaking into a million tiny pieces that you are sure will never connect again, but no one knows.

Permission Granted.

Permission granted to own what is hurting you right now. Whatever is bringing you down, holding you back, pushing all your buttons….own it.

Say it out loud, so nothing can hide.

Because when it’s in front of you, and you conquer it this time, it will be better. There’s no place for whatever it is that’s tearing you apart.

When my son first disappeared, I didn’t say anything to anyone except my very closest friends. Only a handful of people knew what had happened.

That isn’t exactly something you bring up in casual conversation….and I was sure that somehow….somehow I had done something to play a part in this….whatever this was.

It took me a year….a FULL YEAR…365 days…52 weeks….12 months…to own what had happened.


It took me that long to face it, and walk through it, and never feel that way again.

I get it. I see you. I know your heart.

Permission Granted.

with Glitter & Grace,


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