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Sassy since Birth

Someone once asked me if I had been like 'this' my whole life.

After trying to figure out *exactly* what THIS was, I said...absoflippinlutely!

I've not *always* been like this.....I think it took being knocked down 27 times and getting up 28 to realize I COULD continue getting up and doing things my way. It would be hard, it would be lonely, and it would be frustrating.

BUT....if I wanted to do things MY OWN WAY, then I had to continue to think outside the box.

I had to continue to take risks.

I had to continue to thicken my skin against those that thought I most definitely should NOT do it my own way.

And yes...there were many times when I said...."WHAT THE FIRETRUCK am I doing?"

In those moments, I pause.

I look around and ask myself if I want to continue.

And Every. Single. Time.....the answer is Yes.

Absoflippinlutely YES!

Ready to join me?

Glitter & Grace,


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