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Scents of yesterday....

My hand brushed the small chain first, and then felt the engraved glass and knobby lid. As I peered into the old, flimsy box, my breath caught and I knew the treasure I had found would be more than I bargained for today.

I caressed the small bottle, memories of a dresser filled with glass bottles, shiny baubles, and fancy hair pins rolling through my soul with the speed of all the years passed.

The scent was still strong, wafting from the bottle like a jeanie cooped up too long and anxious to make a scene. I closed my eyes and raised the bottle, letting the sweet smell surround me with visions of my mama.

It's tucked against the mirror of my dresser now, a place of honor next to her Bible, and on top of an antique lace doily, all pieces of my past that I've chosen to keep in my present.

I'll let that scent surround me more often now, as memories fade and grief dims....reminding me mama was fancy, and loved pretty things.

with Glitter & Grace,


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