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Snowman, tank tops, and mummies....

It snowed last night. Most of the snow was already melting by the time we got up this morning, but because we're in the South, any snow flake is still a reason to celebrate and we all bundled up and went outside.

Of course, we were sweating like long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs about 10 minutes in because it was close to 40° and we layered up WAY too much. I was losing layers like a bad sunburn about 15 minutes in, and wondered how low I could go before I'd have to retreat inside not to be arrested.

We meandered over to Mac's shop, in truth because I knew there was a chair in there and I could watch the 13 year old turned 5 playing in the muddy snow, trying to make a snow ball (we accepted there was NO way a snowman would be made unless it was a Mudman), and squealing with glee each time a few white fluffy flakes touched her skin.

As I sat in Mac's shop, resting, chilling, smiling at the child in her silliness, removing layers in private....for all accounts IN A MODE of calm, cool and collectedness, I glanced around at nothing in particular.

My eyes roamed past the different pieces of 'stuff' Mac uses, not even sure what most of them did. And then....THEN my glance circled back and I wondered...

WHAT am I seeing?


Upside down in some hose thing and HOW DID IT GET THERE AND WHY IS IT THERE????

So I called my loving, slightly crazy. husband and said....


And he said, yes.

But not to worry, because he MUMMIFIED IT last year and he had it on the shelf so no one would bother it. fact, it's NOT on a shelf. It's laying UPSIDE DOWN ON SOME HOSE THING.

"Oh, it must have fallen off the shelf. Just put it back." he foolishly said, thinking I was going to touch a DEAD MUMMIFIED FROG FROM WHO KNOWS WHERE AND WHEN.

I think it's time to go back inside's getting muddier by the minute and I need a tank top....and IF there are dead mummified frogs in my house, at least they're hanging out with Jaboo and I don't have to be surprised if they show up somewhere else!

Welcome to my world...dead mummified frogs, muddy snow, layers of too much cloth, and all!

with Glitter & Grace,


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