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Some days we just survive

"Hey Sasha!"

She had already snapped this picture when she called my name.

"are you making brownies for Mmmmeeeee?"


Well, yes. How about for BOTH of us.

It's been a good day, y'all and at this point I'll definitely take all those I can get.

There's not been anything *special* about today...I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, cleaned up the kitchen, and decided to make brownies.

But those 'normal' days are the ones that make all the other 'barely getting through' days survivable.

So here's to normal days, the ones where we survive with those we love and sometimes only tolerate but always love.

Here's to getting through the tough days.

Here's to brownies made from a box with added pecans and caramel that somehow magically turn into caramel pecan brownies.

Here's to every day.

What's your everyday GOOD day?

with Glitter & Grace,


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