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Sticks and Stones can break my bones, but....

I talk a LOT about how dealing in positivity makes such a huge difference in my life....

Some think it's crazy talk, or that there's no way that it can make *that* much difference.

But as a Positivity Coach, and a Self Confidence Coach, the training I've had has reaffirmed my thoughts that positive affirmations, positive messages, and positive words have the power to change your mindset and Twist Your Thinking.

Today, I stumbled across some messages that I thought I had deleted, because I also believe in removing the negative from your life in order to allow the positive room to get in.

Now...I am sharing these words NOT to get positive messages back from anyone that reads them, BUT to show that people have no problem telling others, people they don't even know, what they think of them.

These words have the power to destroy.

These words have the power to numb you to the goodness that's out in the world.

These words have the power to control your emotions.

These words have power.....

But only if you let them.

I would be lying if I said these words didn't bother me.

But....I also have the power to ignore them, to realize the people saying these words to me have absolutely no clue about me as a person, or what I stand for, or what I believe in, or what I am doing in this world.

I have the power to delete the words, and remove them from my life, and my mind....but for ME, that takes adding a BUNCH of positive thoughts, words, affirmations, and messages to remove the negativity.

And that's what I practice and lead others to do....remove the negative whenever you can and add the positive back in.

It's not only's a way of life.

So I see these words and know that they don't hold any power any more.

And YOU can remove the power of the words you hear by:

#1) removing the words from your vision (delete them, erase them, throw them away)

#2) refuse to listen to them...remember the old 'hand up' to stop someone from talking? Practice's a visual that helps.

#3) Practice all the positive ways you know that exist....keep good words and messages around you for a reminder, and look at the person in the mirror, and then tell her how awesome she is.....DAILY.

You've got this....I believe in you and know you are amazing.

Here are the words I stumbled across today...I've removed the names of the people that sent me the messages because I don't want to give them any recognition...


"How did you set up your blog? I want one. I'm way prettier. A lot smarter. And I do not call any of my relatives tater. I'm also funnier just askin (sic)."

"Your silver hair is ugly as hell."

" have followers now your hocking some sh***y product? Don't try and delete me because I am beating you to it. SHAME ON YOU. IT's like the RH of Crappy creek...douse your face in that."

"I used to like you til you started hocking salt and sugar at unreasonable whore...."


Bless their hearts....

Glitter & Grace,


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