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The "To-Do" list sure gets a lot of's never ending, always there and frequently gives us grief when we don't complete #allthethings (at least in our own heads).

BUT.....what if instead of a "To-Do" list, we had a "Ta-Da" list, where we celebrate everything that we accomplish, and put things on there WORTH celebrating as well as the tasks that life tosses our way....

I'm on my Ta-Da list, I will have things like....Drink a cup of coffee with friends, fold laundry, vacuum, watch a show on Netflix, write a chapter....

And with *every* completion of something on my "Ta-Da" list, there will be a little celebration....a dance party for 1....a Hershey's kiss, a 5 minute soul soothing restful moment....whatever I feel like doing to celebrate!

What's on YOUR Ta-Da List???

with Glitter & Grace,


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