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Take Care

I see you over there.....

Where life is pretty crazy.

You've forgotten the laundry that's in the washer two times already and the underwear situation is getting pretty dire.

That snide remark someone made about what you were wearing managed to make it to your ears, even though it was just above a whisper. Bless Their Hearts...

The attitude from those teenagers is out of control and you're sure if they roll those eyes ONE MORE TIME, you're gonna lose your cocoa puffs for GOOD.

You've got 4 places to be and only 2 hours to make it all happen, and you're just trying to figure out which 1 (or 2) is the most important and how to wrangle your schedule around the RE-schedules.

And, for the LOVE, you need to find something for dinner again because people have to eat more than once a day. WHAT is with that....

But I see you over there.

Making it work.

Figuring it out.

And I know you're tired.

But....I also know you've got this. And you'll make it happen no matter what you need to do.

I just want to make sure you know...I see you. I appreciate you. And I know how tough it is some days to get it all together when you'd rather just crawl right back in bed and watch NCIS and eat Cool Ranch Doritos.

You are amazing.

Rest when you can.

Talk to the beauty in the mirror and tell her how fabulous she is as often as possible.

And when I toss out those trite words when we part, know that I mean them with all my heart......"Take Care".

Glitter & Grace,


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