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That Sweet Spot

There’s a sweet spot between where I’ve been and where I’m going.

It’s the spot that my soul holds tight, content to be where I am at this moment. There’s a lot of regret in the wind, and a lot of hope on the horizon, but I can’t focus on those pieces.

I have to focus on that sweet spot, the one that grounds me, yet still allows the wandering, wild soul to be filled with moonlight, bare feet, and wild, magical, unpredictable dances.

And that’s the place where we stumble, unwilling to stand in the sweet spot and just be still….just be. We let the words and opinions of others fall on our skin and seep into the very bone of our being, wearing us down with the intensity of perceived necessities, and the illusion of musts.

When was the last time we stood in the sweet spot of the moment and were still enough to feel the magic and power in our souls, inspiring ourselves with our own energy, allowing time to wind around us and willing it to slow down, even if just for a moment.

Yes, we’re all changing and growing…because if we’re not changing and growing, we aren’t living. And I’m fully intent on living as much and as big as I possibly can. But I want the moments to last, and I don’t want to mistake joy for things, or confuse busy with success.

The world spins out there around us, pushing us to go faster, run harder, and live on the edge. But sometimes, the edge is farther than we need to go, and slowing down doesn’t mean we’ll never run fast again.

Those moments….those are the sweet spots of our soul.

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha *written by Sasha Gray,

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