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The eyebrow heard 'round the world!

What do you see when you look at this picture?

Crazy town?

Clownish makeup? An old lady trying to be funny? A really bad eyebrow?

Well, you’re right.

No matter what you see, you’re right….Because it’s all about perception.

It really doesn’t matter what look I was going for (bwahahahaha….I’m not sure either), because your perception of what I’m doing is what you’ll believe.

I could shout it from the rooftops, engrave it on my arm, write it in the sky and say with every single breath. But it still wouldn’t matter because you will see what you want to see.

Now….I have the potential to change your perception….with words, and insistence. But still, no matter what I say or do, you’re still in charge of how you see and interpret me and what I do.

Funny how that works, huh?

Seems like with those facts laid out, we wouldn’t be nearly as worried about what people think about us since what they think is completely up to them.

But we do.

OH we so do. We worry about what people think of us, how they see us, what they think we’re thinking. . . the list goes on and on.

If only….if only we could live for ourselves and those in our world we are responsible for and not worry quite so much about what those people who see us from the outside are thinking.

I’m gonna let that continue to be my goal.

Am I Crazy town? Am I wearing Clownish makeup? Am I an old lady trying to be funny? Do I have a really bad eyebrow?

Yep. All of the above.

And that’s ok with me.

(Now for the rest of the story: My girl wanted to do my make up, but she wanted to practice the eyeliner wing. She’s an OCD perfectionist, and I bet she worked an hour on my eye shadow and liner, and finally decided she’d only do 1/2 my face.

When she was finished with the eye, she looked at me and asked if she could give me an eyebrow. I told her “sure” but I didn’t have an eyebrow pencil and had never done that before. She hadn’t either, promptly googled it to see HOW to draw on an eyebrow, picked out another eyeliner pencil and went to work.

We both laughed…a lot…when she was done. Is this the look I’ll go for in the future?

Not even a little bit, but the time

spent with this child, who is usually looking at her phone, is worth every second it took to get here.

And now you know….)

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

If you've gotten this far, good for you! It's ironic how the comments made without reading the post are proving exactly what the post says!

So thanks.....thanks for reading, thanks for being here, thanks for hanging out, and thanks for being real!

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