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The things we "need"

We have a lot of dishes, bowls, platters, cups, serving pieces and everything in between. So when I was going through the kitchen stuff over at Mama and Daddy’s, I knew I didn’t need anything.

But it’s about much more than need.

The ice tea spoons are now in my silverware drawer.

The once blue decorated bowl that is now completely white is in my cabinet.

Those were special, and unusual pieces that I surely didn’t need, but absolutely wanted as a reminder and a piece of history from days gone by.

And when I saw that small, clear glass baking dish, I knew I had to keep that, too.

My husband wondered out loud why I needed another baking dish, because the cabinets are full of every size and shape.

And the truth is….I didn’t need it at all.

But that small, clear glass baking dish was Mama’s ‘nanner pudding bowl, small enough for the two of them, and big enough to share if a grandkid happened to come by.

Mama always made perfect meringue, something that I never learned to do. She was a master at it, always having the peaks and texture just right, and the touch of the broiler brought out the caramel color, unlike the black burnt effect I usually have.

So now that small, clear glass baking dish sits in my cupboard, nestled inside a larger one and waiting for the perfect ‘nanner pudding to go inside…this one without meringue that’s perfect, but lots of cookies, because the new tradition to carry on will be Cool Whip and extra wafers.

with Glitter & Grace,


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