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Our mornings are ridiculously hectic, especially when it’s just me and Tater at home.

We hit the snooze button this morning, adding to our hecticness (totally a word) and were really rushing, with me SURE we’d miss the bus.

As we were hustling out the door, I grabbed the bag of trash (because I was an adult and took the trash can to the street last night for trash day today) and made a snap decision that had the potential to scar teenagers for life.

As we were walking to the car, giant black bag ‘o trash in hand, 12 year old race walking in front of me, I said words that could haunt me: “let’s just walk to the street”.

There was no time to argue or discuss the oddity of this statement, this strangeness from someone that literally drives to Daddy’s and he LIVES IN MY YARD.

I don’t outside, y’all.

But here I am….trashbag in hand, PAJAMAS on, hustling my NON BRA COVERED SELF straight to the end of the driveway.

And RIGHT THERE, I should have thought through what was happening.

We made it the bus stop before the bus arrived (always a plus) and I tossed the bag of trash in the big can and headed back to stand beside Tater.

At which point, all my glory started to dawn on me.

And I thought it was a really good thing my pajama top wasn’t a crop top, but in reality….if I’m not wearing a bra, every top has the potential to become a crop top.

So when I saw the bus come over the hill, I had a moment to decide if I would scar teenage eyes for evermore, or if I should try to turn away, and spare the little children.

But Tater wanted another hug, that loving child of mine.And another hug and another kiss.

Lemme tell y’all….I was *thisclose* to breaking the law in probably 42 states and some republics this morning…..

And this isn't THE pajama top I was wearing....and there is no photographic evidence of THAT pajama top ON me! with Glitter, Grace & Giggles,


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