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We are told all the time, I mean allthetime, who we *should* be....

Friends, family, social media, society, employers....heck, even strangers feel compelled to jump in the fray and comment with foolishness.

It's hard to know *who* we are sometimes because of all the noise swirling around in our gets quite loud in there and we start listening to the words others whisper in our ears, sometimes louder than they need to.

So we let them should all over us....instead of being who we were meant to be, who we are destined to be, and who we really are.


I like that part best...

No reason to give a reason for who you reason to apologize or offer an excuse.

Just be....

Be comfortable in your own skin.

Be aware of your worthiness.

Be accepting of yourself.

Be good to your soul.....

Sending glitter & grace,


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