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It's more than a hope, or a wish, or a dream.

It's a mindset.

It's an intentional choice every single day.

It doesn't mean we don't cry, or feel anger, or hurt just like everyone else. Because we ALL do that and all the other emotions, out there.

We deal with the chaos and the crazy, and wonder if we'll every be whoever we thought we'd be way back when.....

Remember her?

The little girl in your soul who wished on fireflies and dandelions, had dreams as big as the sky, and a heart ready to take on the world?

She's still in there.

She's tucked in the corner, waiting for you to remember.

She knows you're UnBreakable.

Go find her and welcome her home!

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha *written by Sasha Gray Scattered Sasha

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