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We can do hard things...

We can do hard things.

And we all do, every single day.

But sometimes we're just beebopping along, living the life of the things we do, and we get stopped short in our tracks and our breath catches and all the feelings surround our heart and soul.

Dammit I hate those moments.

But, without them, I wouldn't have memories, and (those people that know) say if you don't have emotions, you're not living.

Boy, am I living ALL over the place over here.

This picture was just carelessly laying in a box, no warning label attached to say, "BE CAREFUL WHEN VIEWING" to those unsuspecting of its power and the turmoil it had to bring.

Framed and matted, the date and location perfectly labeled for all of posterity and hearts to relive, this 20 year old memory was snapped at my Daddy's 70th birthday dinner, up in the mountains after lunch, smiling faces staring back at me....

Mama, gone 6 years...Daddy, gone 1 son, gone 5 years.

I remember that moment as well as I remember yesterday, Spring just turning the corner teasing us with warmer weather but still too cool for mama and daddy.

We can do hard things.

But every now and then they take our breath away.

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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