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You weirdo, you ….

Lemme tell ya, I am flying my weirdo flag HIGH.

You know why?

Because I am unique and so are you.

You are the only one of you (sometimes you think that’s a VERY VERY good thing, don’t you ), and all your quirky habits, your strangeness, your weird thinking….it’s delightfully you.

Celebrate it, embrace it, and be proud of it.

Wouldn’t it be a crazy world if we were all alike, all had the same thoughts, ideas, physical features, and personalities?

It would be nutso, I tell ya.

Let’s go all out and share our weirdness, our uniqueness, our strangeness as the fabulous souls we are….

By celebrating all that we are, our puzzle pieces are out there for the world to see and accept….and that means we’re totally ok with all that we are.

It’s a small step that makes a huge difference

I’ll start - and it could be a very long list….

↠ I’m double jointed and can’t hold a knife without my finger bending backwards.

↠ I talk really loud when I think I’m whispering.

↠ I make weird faces when I’m talking.

↠ I’m a super picky eater.

↠ I cry at the drop of a hat….

Lay it all out so we can love all of you!

Glitter & Grace,


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