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What would you say....

If you could sit down with your 24 year old self, share a coffee or wine and have a chat, what would you say? Would you share the stories of your past and her future, hoping to guide her to better choices, and happier times or would you tell her everything will turn out just fine? Would you search for the little pieces of the puzzle you missed or forgot along the way, ones that would have made a difference if only you’d known? Would you cry with her about the losses she’ll endure, or remind her of the courage it takes to continue? Would you warn her of the evil that lurks, ones that are anxious to lure her to the dark side where she’ll be out of control and far from love, or inspire her with tales of her brilliance and messages of joy and happiness from the successes of life?

Would you tell her now? Would you tell her the next time you look in the mirror and see that young girl still inside, wondering what comes next amid the chaos and confusion of each day, judging herself as others do? Tell her now. She still wants to know…

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha *written by Sasha Gray

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