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You didn't give up

One day you wake up and it’s not the same.

You feel….lighter.

You realize you no longer give quite as much thought to what others judge you for, and since they’re going to judge you no matter what, you might as well just keep on being you.

You’re still tired, because good gravy train, you’ll always be tired, but you’re at peace with your soul, and know that the days coming are good ones, and if they don’t always turn out to be just like you’d want them to be, you’ll go with the flow when you can and enjoy the little things more often.

You brought the past along with you, allowing it to push you forward when you weren’t sure where to go, reminding you of what you’ve already conquered and prepping you for what’s ahead.

You didn’t give in, you didn’t give up, you didn’t stay down.

You rested your soul, you made your peace, you plotted your path.

You are UnBreakable and your journey continues…..

with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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