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You're Doing Good Things!

You’re doing a good job.

I think it’s important to hear those words.

The job you’re doing isn’t what those words are about.

Those words are about acknowledging and recognizing you and who you are.

You’re doing good.

Yep, there are moments, hours, days, heck probably weeks, that you aren’t doing good.

And people sure feel free to point THOSE times out.

But we don’t recognize the ‘good job’ days nearly enough.

So today….I want to make sure you know….You’re doing a good job.

At whatever that job is….being a mother, spouse, daughter, friend, co-worker, cousin, sounding board, shoulder to lean on, and the infinite jobs you do….you’re doing good.

I want to make it MY job to make sure everyone I come into contact with knows I think they’re doing a good job, if they are.

Life’s hard most days, and beautiful most days, and if we’re lucky, the two meet in the middle for days we can get through. And I firmly believe it’s the little things that get us through.

Like someone telling us, “You’re doing a good job”.

Makes all the difference in the world.

Carry on, my friend.

Glitter & Grace,


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